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As Beaverdam Christian Academy we pride ourselves on achieving the highest academic outcome for each of the learners. While Jesus remains our foundation, education is our goal. We believe that academic excellence is a way in which we as a school honor God in all we do. For more information about our phases please select the links below.


Our Preschool program is geared toward bringing out the potential of each child as they engage with the teacher and with each other. We believe that each child is uniquely created and gifted. We desire to bring out these talents at an early age and continue to grow them throughout their schooling career. Playful learning forms a huge part of our program here at Beaverdam Christian Academy, and we encourage learners to explore in a safe space.

K-4th Grade

Beaverdam Christian Academy enables the curious minds of young learners to grow, expand and be molded by our academically qualified teachers. The teachers encourage questions, create space for discussion and give expert instruction in all subject matters. We uphold and identify that each child is unique. We therefore strive to hold to the gifts and talents each learner has while expanding their field of experience to try new things and be open to different challenges.

It is in these formative years that each learner will be shaped into who they could ultimately become in the future. Let us journey with you to create influential leaders within society and the world at large.

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