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What sets Christian education apart from any other education?

Focusing of Christ, His view of us as His Children, and what that means for our purpose while on this earth is what makes Christian Education different than what you find in the secular world. The centrality of Christ is essential to our work here at Beaverdam Christian Academy. Besides weekly chapels and daily Bible studies, our faculty teach each class from a Biblical perspective, from art, to history, to science, our staff share the saving grace with your student. Every subject, every day.

What Curriculum is used?

Abeka curriculum is used in all grade’s Pre-K3-4th currently at Beaverdam Christian Academy for all core subjects. Cursive handwriting is introduced in kindergarten and continues through end of elementary school.

How does Beaverdam Christian Academy handle inclement weather closings?

BCA abides by the Hanover County School System guidance for inclement weather including school closings, early dismissals, and delayed openings. When news channels report that Hanover County has a closure, delay or early pick up, BCA is included in this list. Beaverdam Christian Academy notifies parents and guardians of students by text alerts, emails and up to date information on our Beaverdam Christian Academy Facebook Page. 

Why does Beaverdam Christian Academy require student uniforms?

The purpose of the uniform dress code is to clarify a standard of appearance that reflects Biblical principles of modesty, appropriateness, and stewardship which will encourage students to bring glory to God (I Corinthians 10:31). 

There are several other important reasons a basic uniform is required at BCA:

  1. To dispense with competition due to outward appearance and in its place, emphasize inner beauty and character development.
  2.  To limit distractions and to focus on learning. 
  3. To enhance school spirit.

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