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Uniform Guide

Student Uniform Policy

Uniform Philosophy

The purpose of the uniform dress code is to clarify a standard of appearance that reflects Biblical principles of modesty, appropriateness, and stewardship which will encourage students to bring glory to God (I Corinthians 10:31).

There are several other important reasons a basic uniform is required at BCA:

To dispense with competition due to outward appearance and in its place, emphasize inner beauty and character development.

To limit distractions and to focus on learning.
To enhance school spirit.
Adherence to the uniform dress code is a family responsibility.

General Dress Requirements

Students should be always clean and well-groomed.
All clothing must be in good condition (no rips, fraying, etc.).
All clothing must fit appropriately (not too baggie, not too tight and be the appropriate length).
Shirts must be tucked in.


All shoes are to be neat and clean.
No backless or open-toed shoes. i.e., clogs, flip-flops, etc. for safety reasons.

Specific Dress Requirements

Hem of skirts for girls (including jumpers and dresses) must touch the top of the kneecap when standing.
Shorts are to be no higher than 2 inches above the top of the kneecap for boys and girls.

Specifics about Uniform Pieces

Pants – Any full length, solid colored tan, blue or khaki pants with no more than four (4) total pockets. Cargo type pants are not permitted.
Shorts/Skirts/Dresses – Solid colored tan, blue, burgundy, or khaki is accepted.
Leggings and tights are permitted under skirts and dresses in white, black, navy blue, or burgundy. No patterned leggings are permitted.
Polo Shirts– Any white, burgundy, or navy blue, solid-colored polo shirts with no logos are acceptable. They can be short or long sleeved. (White, burgundy, or navy-blue turtlenecks are also acceptable in colder weather)
Sweaters and zip up sweatshirts in solid colored tan, navy blue, burgundy, or while are permitted. No logos.
Oxford Shirts – Any white oxford shirts with a collar for boys and girls.
Clothing may be purchased at any store (Walmart, Target, thrift, department store) if it adheres to the dress code guidelines. The Children’s Place is a good resource for uniforms in the 2T, 3T, and 4T toddler sizes.

Dress Down Friday

Every Friday in 2024-2025 will be a dress down, non-uniform day. Several Fridays in the year will be Spirit Fridays where BCA school t-shirts will be worn collectively to show school spirit!

School Color Scheme

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